Keeping in view the growing demand from our long term clientele for purchasing property overseas including in the UK, Turkey, Egypt, Spain and Thailand, we offer due diligence, market price bench marking and negotiations in accordance with local laws to expedite and close transactions to the benefit of our clients. Investment for Permanent Residence or Citizenship forms the bulk of our overseas transactions.

For those looking for a primary residence, a strategic relocation with immigration paperwork, a lucrative investment or a beach-front summer home, Beyoot Real Estate provides access to an exclusive portfolio of properties overseas.

Emerging markets for those looking for immigration through property investment include countries in the EU such as Spain, or Turkey, Georgia, Thailand and the UK. Each property market has a unique set of advantages and conditions set by relevant authorities to either gain full citizenship, permanent residence or conditional renewals of residence permits.

It is important to consider the ownership deed model (freehold or lease hold) and the pertinent percentage at which rental returns and capital gains are taxed.

Each overseas property acquisition deal has to be tailored to the unique needs and goals of our clients and their families. Financing these transactions and their relevance in the long term wealth management plans of an investor is also of prime interest to us.

We typically advise our clients to consider the following when buying properties abroad:

  • Decide on property usage and needs
  • Set a budget
  • Consider furnishing and maintenance costs
  • Consider long term ownership plans
  • Consider living expenses
  • Conduct a market survey of rental returns

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